International Cargo Transportation

Our experience has allowed us to develop a wide network of International Freight Agents in practically all the world, which allows us to provide Door to Door services in air, sea and land traffic; whether they are import and/or export.

In consolidated traffic (LCL), by full container (FCL), air or land services; We provide timely follow-up in order to keep our customers informed about the status of their cargo as well as to expedite their delivery at the final destination.

In the national territory we support you with units of different capacities (1.5, 3.5 and 5 tons, platforms and dry box of 48 ‘and 53’) for distribution throughout Mexico.

Customs Clearance


We know the importance and haste of your foreign trade operations, hence we advise you from the beginning of your projects.

We analyze and propose the most appropriate route and traffic to your requirements; in addition to personalized monitoring in order to avoid delays and therefore the payment of delays and penalties.

Always watching that their operations comply with the legal framework that regulates foreign trade.

Our shipping services include the main customs offices in the country: AICM (Mexico City Airport), Toluca, Veracruz, Nuevo Laredo, Manzanillo, Lázaro Cárdenas, Altamira, Guadalajara and San Luis Potosí, among others in Mexico.


We provide storage services, inventories control, and value-added services; as well as labeling, repackaging, shrink wrapping, order assembly and reverse logistics, among others. Whether for national and / or imported products.

We have reliable processes to control the management of our operations, relying on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that allow us to monitor and correct any deviation either during the implementation, startup and / or performance of any operation.

We have the knowledge and experience to handle products from different industries such as wines and liquors, electronics, household appliances, sporting goods, personal care, footwear, textiles and raw materials among others.

In Bound service

With the following advantages:

  1. Deferral duties and taxes payment, partially or totally; according to importer needs.
  2. Assembly of promotions and assortment of orders
  3. Labeling of Alcoholic beverages labeling, assembly of orders, etc.
  4. NOM’S Compliance.
  5. Return abroad and / or export to third countries

Services to Foreign Suppliers.


We plan and coordinate the delivery of your orders, as well as the recovery and timely delivery of your evidence of delivery (POD) nationwide in all types of transport from a truck of one ton to 53’ trailer for deliveries in Cedis of:

  1. Self-service stores ((Wal Mart, Soriana, H.E.B., Chedraui, etc.)
  2. Departmental ((Liverpool, Sears, Suburbia, etc.)
  3. Convenience stores
  4. Point of sale
  5. Production plants
Official Mexican Standard, abbreviated (NOM’s)

Producers, marketers and importers are obliged to comply with the Official Mexican Standards (NOM’s) that establish the necessary information that must be contained in the labels of national and imported products for sale to the final consumer.

The above, in order to inform the consumer about the components, supplies and care instructions, etc., of the products purchased and thus prevent these products from causing any harm to the consumer.

Our services include the following NOM’s:

  1. NOM-004-SCFI-2006 Commercial information – labeling of textile products, clothing, accessories and household linen

  2. NOM-015-SCFI-2007 Commercial information – toy labeling

  3. NOM-020-SCFI-1997 Commercial information – labeling of natural and synthetic or artificial tanned leathers and skins with that appearance, footwear, leather goods; as well as the products made with said materials

  4. NOM-024-SCFI-2013 Commercial information for packaging, instructions and warranties for electronic, electrical and household appliances products

  5. NOM-050-SCFI-2004 Commercial information – general product labeling

  6. NOM-051-SCFI/SSA1-2010 General labeling specifications for prepackaged food and non-alcoholic beverages – Commercial and health information

  7. NOM-116-SCFI-1997 Automotive Industry – Lubricating oils for gasoline or diesel engines. Commercial information

  8. NOM-141-SSA1-2012 Labeling for prepackaged cosmetic products. Sanitary and commercial labeling

  9. NOM-142-SSA1/SCFI-2014 Alcoholic beverages. Sanitary specifications. Sanitary and commercial labeling

  10. NOM-186-SSA1/SCFI-2013 Cocoa, chocolate and similar products, and derivatives of cocoa. Sanitary specifications. Comercial designation. Test methods

  11. NOM-189-SSA1/SCFI-2018 Specifications. Comercial designation. Products and services. Labeling and packaging for household hygiene products
Co Packing Services

We have developed complementary services aimed at preparing the goods that we store for sale. These services include, among others, the following activities:

  1. Labeling (gluing and / or stitching)
  2. Plasti placement arrow, bag, inserts and hook.
  3. Marbling and labeling of wines and liquors.
  4. Shrink wrapping.
  5. Protection with wrap film.
  6. Registration and control of order assembly and promotions.
  7. Strapping, re-packing and palletizing.
  8. Control and administration of consumables among others.

Reconditioning of products in reverse logistics processes

Special Services

For the transportation of goods that due to their characteristics of origin, destination, size, weight and / or special urgency, their transportation by conventional means is not possible or convenient. In these cases we offer the following services:


Hand Carrier

Recommended for the collection and delivery, national and international merchandise that can be transported by one of our executives via air on the first commercial flight. Our executive will collect them and / or deliver them in their own hand and in the city indicated by you.

Charter service

For Extra-urgent goods that do not have a possible flight combination, or because due to their dimensions and / or characteristics they need a special plane. Direct contact with the main airlines for the charter of any aircraft. The best service, guaranteed.


For ground transportation of equipment, machinery and oversized cargo. Integral logistics service that includes: land transportation, customs clearance and border crossing.